Yamaha Oil Filter

SKU: 5GH-13440-80


The OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Yamaha oil filter is a genuine oil filter designed and produced by Yamaha for their PWC and other powersports vehicles. Here's a general description of the OEM Yamaha oil filter:

Key Features:

  1. Genuine Yamaha Part: The OEM Yamaha oil filter is an authentic part manufactured by Yamaha, ensuring compatibility and adherence to Yamaha's quality standards.

  2. Optimized Filtration: Designed to provide effective filtration, the oil filter helps to remove contaminants from the engine oil, maintaining clean oil for optimal engine performance and longevity.

  3. Engine Compatibility: Tailored to fit specific Yamaha PWC models, the OEM oil filter is engineered to work seamlessly with Yamaha engines, ensuring proper fit and function.

  4. Reliability: As an OEM product, the Yamaha oil filter is built to meet Yamaha's reliability and performance standards, contributing to the overall reliability of the motorcycle.

  5. Easy Replacement: Designed for easy installation and replacement during routine oil changes, the OEM Yamaha oil filter is user-friendly, making maintenance tasks convenient for motorcycle owners.

  6. Manufacturer's Warranty: When used as recommended by Yamaha, the OEM oil filter may be covered by the manufacturer's warranty, providing an additional layer of assurance for motorcycle owners.

It's important to check the specific part number or model of the OEM Yamaha oil filter to ensure compatibility with your Yamaha motorcycle. Refer to the Yamaha PWC's owner's manual or contact a Yamaha dealership for precise information on the recommended oil filter for your specific model and year.