How should I position my sponsons on my ski?

Sponson positioning greatly depends on the rider and the ski. It's best to have an idea of what you want out of the ski before installing the sponsons and adjust as close to that. 

The overall height of the backing rail will determine how far the ski can roll into the corner. So the higher the backing rail position is the more it will roll so that the first turn of the ski will take a little longer. This is the same as not using the spacer on any model that includes a space as well. Inversely, the the wider the backing rail is, or the lower it's positioned, the more initial turn the ski has.

The width or height of the backing rail will also be noticed through the middle of the corner and affects whether the ski will stand up too much and want to roll out, or if it has a more neutral turn.

The paddles then can be adjusted to give you more or less of a complete turn, affecting the entry, mid and exit of the corner.

Higher Paddles = Less Steering

Lower Paddle = More Steering

While some people prefer the ski to act and handle one way, others may want it to react entirely differently. 

Individual aspects can also change how a ski handles from one rider to the next, these can include:

  • Rider height
  • Rider weight
  • Rider seating position (eg. if they are over the handle bars, sitting back in the seat, sitting to the side of the seat, etc.)
  • The number of people on the craft
  • Trim angle of ski
  • Amount of fuel
  • Entry speed of ski

 It is best to have an idea of how you want the ski to act before installing the sponsons, and adjust accordingly to achieve as close to the desired feel as possible.

My blow off valve is leaking at idle or not opening, how can I fix this?

Our Version 2 Blow Off Valve provides a great level of adjustability and puts you in control!

For users who want the unit to blow off more easily, we recommend loosening the lock nut and loosening the adjuster screw to provide a softer experience.

For users who want the blow off valve to release at a higher RPM, the lock nut can be loosened and the adjuster screw tightened, for a harder experience.

Please note, each ski is different and the same model ski as another may produce different boost or HP. We recommend testing and fine tuning to find the style that suits you.

My friend says he can beat me in a race, what should I do?

Buy some upgrades and tag us in a video when you beat him

My significant other wants me to stop spending money on my ski, any advice?

Might be time to upgrade your partner.