Freestyle Freeride Intake Grate

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Our Rickter Grate was the world's first intake grate designed specifically for the popular Rickter Hull. Designed in conjunction with some of the worlds finest freestyle riders this grate will fit the entire Rickter Hull range and also various other aftermarket hulls - including the 2014 Krash Predator.

Our WR242 Rickter Grate is now first choice for the worlds finest Freeride and Freestyle riders, including WORX Team Rider Mark Gomez 'I run the WORX 242 intake grate on my 2014 Rickter FR2 Evo-1 because it provides the superior hook up by being matched to the custom wide taper of the Evo-1 pump duct. The dual bar channel to the massive scoop provides the grate with a lot of strength then the single bar channelling down the centre of the grate goes in line with the drive shaft providing no unnecessary cavitation in the massive intake channel. That being said I still find this intake grate to allow my Rickter to break loose when I need it to, always keep the pump loaded while on edges in turns, and most of all stay absolutely hooked up and driving through rough surf conditions. I also perform flat water freestyle on my Evo-1, so I rely heavily on the WORX 242's ability to deliver the most amount of hookup for those flatwater tricks. For any Rickter Freestyle and Freeride application my choice of intake grate to do it all the best is the WORX 242 intake grate!'