Yamaha SHO ET High Boost 16LB Supercharger Impeller/Boost Wheel

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Yamaha SHO Engine-Tech S/C Wheel

ET Xtreme billet Supercharger

Yamaha SHO FZR/FZS/FX S/C High Boost 16lb

Race proven the ultimate limited Supercharger wheel. 

Hands down the best wheel available.

Engine-tech has been working on this project for quite some time and is now complete. The results are outstanding 15.5 lbs of boost @ 8350 rpm. Machined from billet 7075-T651 using a 5 axis cnc machining centre allows a  blade accuracy of .001.Balance to a spec of .009 inch gram and comes completely anodized gold for protection against the elements(corrosion resistant).This new Engine-Tech S/C impeller is the lightest on the market and lighter than stock by 17% This will help the clutch longevity. The performance gains are: Arm wrenching acceleration useful for drag or closed course racing and radar runs .This Supercharger comes with a fuel map that can be loaded in the Motec ECU and setup spec's.

Dyno tested at Motec's dyno this Supercharger wheel makes the most Hp at 348hp at 8500rpm and the most boost on the market today!

Requires: Rising rate fuel pressure regulator, High flow intercooler, Motec or an aftermarket ECU.

Important a blow off valve is required to relieve stress off the clutch.