Solas 13/20 Concord Yamaha 14+ FX SVHO, FZR, FZS & 17+ GP1800 Impeller, Liner & Tool Combo

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This combo is perfect for anywhere looking to upgrade or update their Prop & Pump Liner!

The larger blade area and better hub design of the Solas Impeller make for maximum performance. Pitched for more acceleration, top speed and RPM. This new prop easily out performs your OEM impell

Solas heavy-duty, 100% stainless steel wear rings/impeller liners are the perfect replacement for your damaged original unit. Durable solid stainless steel construction resists debris damage and saltwater corrosion.

Original Yamaha wear ring is constructed of cast aluminium with a thin stainless steel liner that is pressed into place. Corrosion quickly develops between the dissimilar metals swelling the thin liner until it closes down and jams against your impeller. 

• YV-CD-13/20 Solas Prop
• YVS-HS-160 Solas Liner
• WR014H Solas Yamaha Tool