Kawasaki 1200 STX R Sponsons

SKU: WR525


The OEM sponsons are a joke! They look adjustable but aren't and are fixed at the rear of the rail which gives the best top speed in only flat calm water, even in a light chop the boat bounces all over the place. It is hard to control and loses drive because the pump is out of the water more than it is.

But don't worry, WORX have saved the day!
The WORX Sponsons are truly adjustable only the full length of the backing rail as well as two different heights. The hull is the most reactive to sponson position that we have ever tested, for maximum top speed in calm water the sponson blades are best fitted in the fully forward position but even in the slightest chop the boat bounces all over the place. For maximum handling and hook-up on the race course, the fully back position is best but you sacrifice 1-3MPH (depending on the weight of the rider) because the boat rides a lot flatter. The ideal position is somewhere in between fully back and fully forward but is dependent on the rider weight, riding style and the type of riding that they are doing.

Can change a tyre15 Minutes

Note: Before purchasing, check below that your OEM sponson mounting bolts match the backing rail bolt layout pictured below.