2021 + Yamaha Superjet Air Filter Kit

SKU: WR04076

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Elevate your SuperJet's performance with the Worx Racing Components SuperJet Power Filter Kit. Designed to optimize your engine's air intake, this kit delivers unparalleled acceleration and RPM improvements. Say goodbye to the limitations of the stock airbox as our high-volume flame arrestor replaces it, allowing a steady flow of unrestricted air directly to the throttle body.

But that's not all. We go the extra mile with our integrated Engine Breather/Catch Can, which effectively eliminates power-robbing crankcase vapor from your engine's air intake. This ensures that only clean, uncontaminated air reaches your combustion chamber, maximizing performance and extending the life of your engine.

Not only does the Power Filter Kit enhance performance, but it also brings practical benefits. Our precision-fabricated aluminum bracket replaces the bulky stock airbox, transforming your engine compartment into a clean and organized space. Electrical components are relocated for improved accessibility and a sleeker appearance.