2019 Yamaha FX SVHO Upgrade Kits

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Get the party started with our Upgrade Kits! Whether you're looking to just kick off your modifications or you're looking to get your ski race ready, these upgrade kits are the perfect package.

The combination of parts in each of these kits are perfectly designed to pair well and draw the maximum amount of performance out of your ski whilst still maintaining ski life. Each upgrade level is relatively easy to install for any mechanically minded individual!

Model Fitment

2019 Yamaha FX SVHO

Parts Included 
Yamaha FX SVHO 2019
Part Number Description Launch Kit - WR-FX19-SVHO-LK Advanced Kit - WR-FX19-SVHO-AK Pro Kit - WR-FX19-SVHO-PK Pro II Kit - WR-FX19-SVHO-P2K
WR04020-FX Yamaha Air Filter Kit All SHO/SVHO
WR237 2012+ FX, FX SVHO 
WR0703 2012+ FX, FX SVHO to suit P/N WR237
WR04021 Yamaha Blow Off Valve Assembly
WR04061-0 Yamaha SVHO pump strainer 
WR05004 Pump Wedge
WR04018 14-19 Yamaha Engine Cooling Kit
WR03004 Reflash SVHO 2014/15/16 FX/FZ 
YV-CD-13/18 Impeller
WR01005 ET Hi Boost 20lb S/C Impeller
RY17040-UK-6S5-4 Riva Billet Supercharger Shaft Upgrade
WR01007-2 Yamaha 1.8 Intercooler kit with BOV
WR563I 2012+ FX/FX SHO, 2014+ FZR,FZS SVHO Insert Edition
WR04025 Yamaha Fuel Pressure Reg 1.8L
WR01008 1000cc Injector Kit Yamaha