Yamaha Blow Off Valve & Intake Manifold Upgrade Kit

SKU: WR04021-69


We know life should be easy!

That's why we've made the perfect kit for anyone wanting to upgrade their 1.8L Yamaha with a blow off valve. This kit comes with our new blow off valve, as well as our brand new intake manifold upgrade. This upgrade makes your blow off valve installation easier than ever, letting you feed your breather line directly into your intake manifold, no cutting or permanent upgrades required, just screw it straight in!

Featuring a larger valve for increased air dispersal, improved reliability and a stylish new design; this blow off valve will be a welcome addition to any Yamaha 1.8L Ski!

Adding this blow off valve to your ski will greatly improve supercharger clutch life in your 1.8L engine, keeping you on the water having fun, for years to come. This kit includes all parts necessary for easy 5 minute installation, requiring only some cutters, a socket and Phillips head. These blow off valves, have been tried and tested as art of Worx Racing's famous Yamaha Intercooler Kit, and now you can buy them on their own!

Worx Racing know that you want to get out on the water as soon as possible, so this Blow Off Valve comes preset to our recommended length, but the adjustment screw can be easily adjusted to suit your specific ski.

  • Greatly improves supercharger clutch life. 
  • 5 Minute installation. 
  • Lightweight construction for increase hose life
  • Easy to dissemble for cleaning and maintenance
  • Low cost and easy installation for any stock or modified craft