Triple Hook PWC Tie-Down Ratchet Strap



Comfortably secure your load with Worx's PWC Ratchet Tie Down Strap. Featuring 3 x 'soft' hooks, Worx ratchet tie-down straps safeguard against scratches and ensure your ski stays comfortably secured to your ski. The durable stainless steel ratchet mechanism provides peace of mind against rusting, which is all too common with any strap that comes into contact or is near salt water. Made from durable nylon, and with a total length of 3m (9.85ft), the strap is perfect for any trailer length.

✓ - 3m Nylon Strap
✓ - Stainless Steel Ratchet
✓ - Plastic Coated 'Soft' Hooks
✓ - Triple Hook Design Specifically for PWC application