Yamaha 1.8L Intercooler Kit

SKU: WR01007


The WORX Racing Components Yamaha Intercooler kit features a New High Flow High capacity intercooler unit capable of handling up to 500 HP!!! A huge internal core almost twice the size of the inefficient OEM cooler allow maximum air flow for any high boost application allowing for increased RPM and dramatically lowering intake air temperatures up to 22C/72F degrees cooler than OEM unit.  The upright element design in which water flows from Bottom of the Intercooler to the top allows a extremely efficient heat transfer allowing more cooler, denser air to enter the engine for increased HP throughout the entire RPM range which can add a extra 45+HP to your water craft in certain applications.

The WORX Racing Components Intercooler Kit comes complete with removable adjustable Blow off Valve (included), Formed silicone hoses to allow easy access and fitment, all necessary mounting hardware and brackets to mount cooler securely. Also included is complete ‘Cooling Upgrade Kit’ which allows an extra dedicated water cooling line to the Intercooler from the Jet unit and an additional engine block cooling plate to add more water to the engine block to help decrease core engine temps.

  • New Anodised core!!!!

    • Huge internal core element for increased air flow and denser air
    • Extremely lower air intake temps over OEM cooler
    • Huge HP gains up to 45+ Horsepower in certain applications
    • Removable bracket, silicone hoses and necessary hardware all INCLUDED for easy install
    • Upright element and water flow for increased heat transfer and efficiency
    • Upright mounting allows water to complete drain from unit after use
    • Blow off Valve INCLUDED in kit to help supercharger reliability and performance
    • Complete Independent Intercooler cooling kit upgrade for lower air temps
Parts Included 

Intercooler core

Blow off valve

Top intercooler hose