2008+ Yamaha Superjet Launch Kit

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Our  Launch Kit sets the ultimate foundation for any one wanting to upgrade their Superjet. We have all of your handling needs covered. This kit includes:

* Our famous WR228 Intake Grate designed with a deeper scoop for improved hook up and turning for all styles of riding

* Our best selling WR312 Intake Grate  for greater stability, drive and control

* WR544 Sponsons constructed from marine grade aluminum and adjustable to suit your style of riding

* WR04041  Exhaust Sleeve fits directly into the OEM exhaust muffler and reduces the stinger size of the pipe to create more back pressure in the pipe for increased top speed.

Model Fitment

Yamaha Superjet 2008+

Parts Included
2008+ Yamaha Superjet Launch Kit
Part Number Description Launch Kit - WR-SJ08-LK
WR228 Yamaha Superjet Intake Grate
WR312 Yamaha Superjet Ride Plate
WR544 Yamaha Superjet Sponsons
WR04041 Yamaha Superjet Exhaust Sleeve