Kawasaki STX, STX 12F, 15F Sponsons

SKU: WR527-I


Want to revive your old ski? Looking for a way to reignite your passion for the water? Look no further than Worx WR527-I Sponsons!

Made for Kawasaki STX12F and 15F Sponsons models, these sponsons have been specifically designed to improve the handling performance of your Kawasaki ski. 

Designed for full adjustability, these sponsons put your ride, completely in your hands! Not only is the paddle height adjustable but the forward and backward positioning options means that, for maximum top speed in calm water you can position your blades in the fully forward position or for maximum handling and hook up the fully back position is best!

All Worx Sponsons are designed and manufactured in our Australian warehouse on the Gold Coast, so when you buy Worx Sponsons, you can be sure that you're supporting an Australian owned business. 


  • Improved direct response in cornering
  • More predictable handling
  • Greater straight line stability
  • Made in Australia


  • 2 x Backing Rails
  • 2 x Paddles
  • All Fasteners Needed


Can change a tyre15 Minutes

Note: Before purchasing, check below that your OEM sponson mounting bolts match the backing rail bolt layout pictured below.